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Cable Collar

Looking for a stylish and functional cable collar sweater? look no further than our beige cable collar sweater from caliholi! This shirt is a great choice for any weather conditions. Plus, the cable knit fabric and cable shawl collars make this sweater a luxurious piece.

Wire Rope Collar

Wire rope collar sticker if you're looking for a unique and stylish collar that will make your petra stand out, check out our wire rope collar! This piece is perfect for people who love to wear their petra spirit in their everyday clothes. Plus, it's an easy way to show off your wire rope brand on yourrix or petra.

Cable Collar Amazon

This choker is made of 925 sterling silverflexible cable collar necklace with a diamond shaped cable collar and a silver-faceted cable collar. The necklace is also lined with a rich blackberryerry fabric. The necklace has a small hole for a earring. this 18k gold cable collar necklace is a beautiful cable collar necklace with white gold sparkle cable wire in the design. The necklace is also complete with 17 fine gold chains. this blue shawl collared cotton sweater is perfect for the cold winter days and hours. With its cable collar, this sweater is easy to wear and pieces well with anypair of clothes. this cable collar necklace is a beautiful addition to your sterling silver collection. It is made from a twisted silver cable collar and has a beautiful necklace shape. The necklace has a small bowl neck with a long, textured chain. It is available in the bowl or the chain style.