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Clown Collars

This unisex punk clown collar is a great piece to wear on the outside or inside to add a little bit of personality. The collar is detachable for easy on-the-go wear, and the casual shirt neck coller is a great addition to your wardrobe.

Cheap Clown Collars

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This doll has a clown collar and a satin costume. The costume is pulled back so the collar is seen. The choker is seen in the back. The dress is seen in the front. The key addition is the ruffled neck collar seen in the back. this is a great cosplay collar forclowns! The blessume elizabethan neck ruff ruffle collar clown collar is made of 100% wool and is a perfect way to match their adorable cosplay costumes. This collar is a great addition to any cosplayer's wardrobe. this clown collared costume is perfect for adults who want to show their black and white circus lifestyle. The costumes are high quality and make a great accessory for their clown persona. this victorian steampunk costume collar ruffled collar is a must-have for any clown! It is clear that this collar was originally made to be worn over a ruffled collar. The collar is made of metal and is finely-crafted, with a clear coffer type of adhesive. It is made of brass, and is visual and auditory sensitive. The collared shirt and pants create a look of realism and accuracy. The collared shirt is also a great piece to wear during the white clownette market.