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Petsafe Wireless Containment System Collar

This pet containment system is perfect for those times when your keypad-less finder is not enough. The new petsafe wireless collar has a durable design and is equipped with a transmitter and receiver for easy communication. Simply handy for keeping your pet safe, this system also requires no programming which makes it easier for you to keep track of your pet without having to remember all of that jargon.

PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Dog Fence Containment System PIF00-12917 NEW

Wireless Dog Fence With Collar

Wireless dog fences are a great way to keep your dog safe from predators. They are easy to set up and are great for preventing accidents. You can find different types to suit your lifestyle and your dog's personality. Some are physical, others are electronic. The important part is that your dog's safety is your number one priority.

Used Petsafe Wireless Collar

This is a new pet safe wireless collar which includes a receiver collar and receiver. It uses long range wireless technology to keep your pets safe and secure. The receiver collar uses an encryption algorithm to protect your pet from prying eyes, while the receiver is used to control the release of your pet from your home. The pet safe wireless collar is a great way to keep your pet safe and secure, and makes life much easier for you. petsafe wireless fence is a containment system with a collar that keeps pets safe. This fence is easy to use with its built in collar, and can be used to keep pets safe and clean. the pet safe wireless collars for dogs are perfect for keeping your pet safe and secure. With the collars, you can finally be sure your dog is safe and secure. The collars are equippable on both men and women dogs and come with a collared dog for added protection. The pet safe wireless collars are easy to use and give you complete control over your dog's and dog's car accident safety. the petsafe wireless pet containment system is a top-of-the-line collar that comes with a built-in collarcollar and a charged battery. This system is perfect for larger animals that want to be sure that their food and water are safe. The system has a built-in collarcollar that is designed to keep animals safe and to keep them informed. The pif-300 w is a newer model that is now in its updated version, the pif-275-19. This model is now also with a new added collarcollar that is designed to keep animals safe.