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Posture Collar

This is a collar and corset design that helps to regulate your posture. It has a t-shirt-like fit and a comfortableirensness to it. The posture collar is made of leather and has aluvering straps that can be used to tighten or loosen the corset. The corset is made of cloth and is comfortable to wear.

Posture Collars

If you are looking for a postedure collar that will help you keep your posture correct, then the perfect collar for you is the posture collars that come with the activewear line. These collars are designed to keep you posture correct, because they will always be around to help you if you need it. the activewear line has a variety of posture collars to choose from, all of which are designed to keep you posture correct. Some of the more popular activewear collars include thezoom posture collars, the tension posture collars, and the compression posture collars. the posture collars that come with the activewear line are the tension posture collars, the compression posture collars, and thezoom posture collars. The tension posture collars are designed to keep your back straight, the compression posture collars are designed to move your hips and back, and the zoom posture collars are designed to move your shoulders and back.

Leather Posture Collar

This harness is designed for bondage and chastity play. It is black padded inside and has a dangly black posture collar. The bondage hose runs through the this harness, feeling really good as it sheepdoovers through your body. You can also access your nipples andotics from this harness. The choker is a bit small, but the posture collar makes it up easily. this collar is perfect forbondage andstretching. It is made of leather and has a medium setting. The collar is comfortable to wear and can be set at a medium or large size. It has a pu leather look and feel to it. The collar is also helpful in providing support when bondsmanuring or stretching. this bondage posture collar is a great piece of equipment for those who enjoy bdsm activities. It has a open-mouth gag feature and is made of leather while the harness has an o-ring and neck collars. the posture collar is a type of leather restraint that is used to ensure proper posture in bdsm roles. It is a collar that is worn around the neck to ensure security and control in posts. It is also used to ensure a slave's posture in the masters' hands.