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Rolled Leather Martingale Collar

This is a must-have collar for a active lifestyle. It helps to keep off sounds and noise from the world. It is also good for a more secluded environment.

Cheap Rolled Leather Martingale Collar

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Top 10 Rolled Leather Martingale Collar

The rolled leather martingale collar is a unique and stylish piece of leather that is perfect for a pet. This collar is made from high-quality auburn leather, and it is sure to protect your pet. The collar is also machine- stitching, making it durable and comfortable to wear. this is a must-have piece of clothing for a its' infringer. This martingale collar is a must-have for a successful law enforcement career. It is a unique piece that is made out of new auburn leather and it is an excellent piece to wear on the job. It has a rolled collar and is 16 inches in circumference. It is made of black wickett material and has a black machine-stitch weave. It is made to be a durable piece that will protect its' infringer. this 12" wide roll of leather is made of genuine leather and has a chocolate brown hue. It is vacuum sealed and filled with skulls and keys. The dog collar is large and has a roomy design for a dog of your size. The choking system is unique andqvaceless, giving you freedom of movement. The garter-spun fabric is high-quality, making it comfortable to wear. The martingale design is adorable and will make you look powerful. this is a great ace rolled super soft half check martingale leather dog collar for those with a determined personality. It is made of leather and has a blue color to it. It has a rolling sound as it is worn on the body. The martingale leather dog collar is made to keep dogs guinness world record holder under control and is red in color.