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Sex Collar

Looking for a fun way to play with your couples sex life? look no further than our sex collar! This fun pu leather collar with nipple clamps is perfect for bondage and play. Perfect for both indoors and outdoors, this collar is sure to get you started in your lovemaking skills.

Sex Collars

'the sex collars are the perfect addition to your animal’s wardrobe. They make sexrex a breeze to use and are always a hit with your pet.

Cheap Female Human Collars

This cheap female human collars is perfect for couples who want to get some cozypet leather collars around their sex toy. This play set is perfect for giving and receiving in a way that you never know what will happen. The bondage play tools can be used to limit someone's pleasure or cause them pain, and the sm bondage play set is perfect for those who want to get their bottom onto the table. this bondage collar is perfect for those who love to play with their sex toys. It has a slimmed down design and is made of leather with nipple clamps on each end. This collar can easily become a play toy itself, the perfect way to explore your sex desires. bration your neck with a leather collar and clap chain couple bdsm bandage as you enjoy a hot, hotesson body. The clapping and whack of the chain on your neck as it clings around your throat is all that you need toreleased your bound andstricken body. this is a collar bondage play toy that features leather with a special design that makes it perfect for this purpose. The clamps can be used to hold down your neck, while the toy can be used to stimulate your nipples. It is also great for holding you down and for sexual play.