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Sportdog Tek 1.0 Gps Tracking Collar

This sport dog tracking collar has 2 sensors that track your sport, even when you're off the path! The tek-1. 5lt is the perfect collar for athletes who want to be sure their sport is being tracked. The tag attached to this sports collar/collar set gives you peace of mind that your sport is being tracked.

Top 10 Sportdog Tek 10 Gps Tracking Collar

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Best Sportdog Tek 10 Gps Tracking Collar

The sportdog tek-2ad is our premium sports dog tracking collar. It is the perfect collar for those who want great tracking for their tek-2ad training collar. The tek-2ad has a high-quality construction with a durable construction. It also has a gps location for tracking. 5lt is the size for you if you want great tracking for your training collar. The tek-1. 5lt is also a great collar for sport dogs who are larger than tek-2ad. the sportdog tek-2ad extra training gps tracking collar is perfect for dogs during extended training or use for a race course. The collar is made from durable materials and has a location system to keep track of points earned. The tek-2ad extra training gps tracking collar is the perfect accessory for your sport dog or bulldog. The collar is available intek-1. 5lt andtek-2ad. 5lt model has a small, medium and large size buttons for easy on-and-off of the tracking collar. The tek-2ad has a large size button that can be used to set the tracking collar to a specific location on the map. Large, and small button for setting the tracking collar to a specific location on the map. 5lt location history. The tracking collar can also be used as a constable or teen teacher!