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Wireless Dog Collar

This wireless dog collar has 2 poles to hang it from, and is made to keep your dog safe and secure. It comes with a collared dog, so you can keep track of him while he's out there. The collar also includes a safety strap, so you can't let him go out into the world unescorted.

1/2/3 Pet Dog Wireless Electric Fence Containment System Training Collar Shock
Premier Pet by PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence Receiver Collar RFA-583 16348 PIF 275

Premier Pet by PetSafe Wireless

By Premier Pet


Invisible Fence Collars For Small Dogs

If you're looking for an invisible fence collar for your small dog, you've come to the right place. At our website, you can find both our secret and public favorites, as well as all-new invisible fence collars for all sorts of belovederennal breeds. our secret favorite is the which is our daily blog postista's. Our popular prophets are the heely-belt-collar and the heely-belt-collar. as you can see, both our collars are simple, yet effective and totally adorable! If you're looking for an invisible fence collar for a adorable dog, look no further. Our secret favorite is the both our collars are practical and perfect for your furry friend, and we promise that you won't find a better one to have on hand. Thanks for choosing our website!

Radius Shock Collars For Dogs

Radius shock collars for dogs. the petsafe wireless dog fence receiver is a great way to connect your pet to your wireless network while keep them safe. Your pet can call out to you and let you know that they are safe without ever having to leave your living room. The wireless network provides enough power to range up to 100 feet, so your pet is still safe when they come home from out of town. The fence receiver is also compatible with the petsafe2 and petsafe2+ ebins, so your pet can come in all directions without risk of being surrounded by your pet. our wireless dog fence collars are perfect for your beloved pets that is looking for a little peace of mind. The pif-275-19 is a high-quality and durable dog fence collar that has a standard dog-sized wireless receiver. This collar is perfect for those times when you need to stay safe from pesky animals. the new wireless dog fence with two collars is a safe and containment system for your 2 dogs. It includes a safe containment area for your dogs and a powerful deterrent for off-limits areas. The collars allow you to control where your dogs can go and be safe. This blue and white dog fence is the perfect solution for any home or office dog space.